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Before Your Trip

About Trip Alerts

At Alaska Airlines we offer Trip Alerts for any trip booked at, our Reservations call center, or the airport ticket counter.

Already registered? Manage your Trip Alert Profile with FlightStats

How do I enroll in the Trip Alert program?
After purchasing a ticket at, our Reservations call center, or the airport ticket counter, you will receive an email invitation to enroll in Trip Alerts at the email address you provided when you bought your ticket. Trip Alerts is not available for vacation packages, EasyBiz bookings, or group itineraries. Please use our one-time Flight Status Alerts for these types of bookings.

What is the difference between Trip Alerts and Flight Status Alerts?
Trip Alerts is an automated alerts program that keeps you informed of last minute changes to your entire trip as well as offering timely reminders about your departure times. Simply enroll once and receive Trip Alerts for all future flights attached to your profile's email address. Whereas, Flight Status Alerts offers the ability to monitor the status of a single flight.

Can I forward the invitation email to other travelers in my reservation?
Trip Alerts are only designed to be delivered to the person whose email address is listed in the flight reservation. If others in your party would like to receive flight status alerts, they can sign up for departure and arrival information with Flight Status Alerts

Can I select another individual to receive my Trip Alerts?
The Trip Alert profile is designed for the primary traveler and is limited to one contact point for the "Home" alerts and one for "Traveling" alerts. If you choose to select someone other than yourself, please note that they will receive alerts every time you make a reservation using the email address attached to your Trip Alert profile. Your Trip Alerts profile can be updated any time to reflect a different point of contact.

What if I don't want to participate in the Trip Alert program, yet I have already enrolled?
You can update your profile at any time and select the "Disable Trip Alerts" box on the Trip Alert profile page.

What does "Home" and "Traveling" mean?
With the "Home" designation, you will receive Trip Alert messages for any flight cancellation happening more than 3 hours prior to departure. With the "Traveling" designation you will receive Trip Alert notifications for cancellations and changes less than 3 hours prior to departure.

Can I choose the same username and password as I use for My Account?
The Trip Alert profile is separate from your My Account profile at The username will be the email address listed when registering for Trip Alerts. You may choose any password you like.

What type of trip alert messages will I receive?
Once registered, you will receive up-to-the-minute flight status updates on all your upcoming flights including: Departure Reminders; Departure Status; Flight Cancellations; Flight Diversions; Flight Delays; Flight Connections; and Gate Changes.

Can I elect to receive notifications via Email or Text?
Once registered and as you complete your Profile information, you can choose to receive notification messages either via Text or by Email. NOTE: If you elect to receive notification via text message, standard carrier message and data rates may apply.

How frequently can I expect to receive notifications?
Under normal circumstances, you may receive recurring or periodic notifications depending upon the specific circumstances of your flight. If there are significant changes to your flight, the number of messages may vary.

Do I still need to check the airport screens for flight and gate information?
Yes, as gate and flight information may change without advance notice. It is important to check flight information screens at the airport for the most recent gate updates.

What specific Trip Alert messages are sent and at what time?
  • "Home": Any flight cancellation notification greater than 3 hours prior to departure.
  • "Traveling": Notifications less than 3 hours prior to departure including:
    • Departure status reminder
    • Flight cancellation
    • Diversions
    • Flight delays
    • Gate changes
    • Flight connections

We do not currently have the ability to disable alerts during certain hours of the day. If you have set your profile to alert you via text message 4 hours prior to departure it will alert you at 2:00 a.m. for a 6:00 a.m. flight.

Can I receive Trip Alerts when traveling to Canada and Mexico?
Yes, provided that your cell phone plan allows for roaming and you can receive text messages while you are in Canada or Mexico.

Do I need to sign up for Trip Alerts to get messages for schedule changes?
No. Schedule change notification messaging is a separate process from Trip Alerts. Typically, schedule change notifications are sent well in advance (several days/months) of your travel. Whereas Trip Alerts are sent 3 hours prior to departure providing up-to-the-minute information regarding your flight status.

What flights will be monitored and trigger messages?
All flight segments of your trip will be monitored providing you have booked your trip at, our Reservations call center, or the airport ticket counter. This includes any Alaska Airlines flights or flights on other airlines.

What do the terms listed on the email/text notification mean?

  • Scheduled Time is the planned departure or arrival time.
  • Gate Time indicates the time the flight arrived into or left the gate.
  • Runway Time indicates the time the flight took off or landed.
  • LOC is an abbreviation for location, which lists terminal and gate information.

How to Contact Us
If you have any questions or comments about Trip Alerts, please contact us as indicated below:

Alaska Airlines Customer Care Department
P.O. Box 24948 - SEAGT
Seattle, WA 98124-0948
1-800-654-5669 Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:45 p.m. (PT)