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TSA Secure Flight Program

Secure Flight was developed to provide uniform watch list matching by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The mission of the Secure Flight program is to enhance the security of domestic and international commercial air travel through the use of improved watch list matching to identify known and suspected terrorists.

How will Secure Flight Affect Passengers?

When purchasing tickets, passengers will be required to provide:

  • Full legal name (as it appears on traveler's government-issued ID used when traveling)
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Redress number (if available)

We will send the information you provide to the TSA and they'll match it against the No Fly and Selectee watch lists. By providing this information in advance, most travelers will not experience any differences from the way they traveled before as a result of Secure Flight. Failure to provide full Secure Flight Passenger Data may result in your trip being canceled or the possibility that you will not be allowed into the boarding area.

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What is a Redress Number?

If you believe you have been mistakenly matched to a name on the watch list you are invited to apply for Redress through the Department of Homeland Security Traveler Redress Inquiry Program (DHS TRIP). Secure Flight uses the results of the redress process in its watch list matching process, thus preventing future misidentifications for travelers who may have a name that is similar to an individual on the watch list.

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Protecting Passenger Privacy

The privacy of individuals' information is a cornerstone of Secure Flight. The TSA collects the minimum amount of personal information necessary to conduct effective watch list matching. Furthermore, personal data is collected, used, distributed, stored, and disposed of in accordance with stringent guidelines and all applicable privacy laws and regulations.

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