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TSA Pre✓™ Program FAQ

TSA Pre Check Frequently Asked Questions
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I am a frequent flyer. How can I join Pre✓™?

You can participate in Pre✓™ in one of two ways:

  1. Trusted Traveler Programs - customers can apply directly to the TSA Pre✓™ Application program, or choose another of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Trusted Traveler Programs, based on their specific travel needs. Visit for more information.
  2. Frequent Flyer Opt-In Program - In 2012, the TSA ran a pilot program allowing certain Alaska Airlines MVP® Gold and Gold 75K members to opt-in for Pre✓™ eligibility. Although that pilot program is no longer running, those who were qualified during the program are still eligible.

I was part of the TSA frequent flyer pilot program. How can I verify that I'm still opted in?

Go to your My Account profile, select "Traveler Profile," then click on "Edit Information" and scroll down to the "opt in" check box. If the box exists and is checked, you have opted in through Alaska Airlines.

Beginning in 2015, TSA will make refinements to the program. These changes will have no impact to passengers enrolled in a Trusted Traveler program and / or those who have been issued a Known Traveler Number (KTN). However, those without a KTN will not receive TSA Pre® as often, including those who opted-in for the pilot program in 2011.

If I am a participant of Pre✓™, how do I check in?

Eligible Pre✓™ participants may check in via any method Alaska offers, including with an agent at the ticket counter.

Mobile app versions required in order to display TSA Pre✓™ indicator on Mobile Boarding Pass:
Android 2.6.0 or higher
iOS 2.9.1 or higher

As an Alaska Airlines Pre✓™ participant, can I use other carriers' Pre✓™ lanes?

Frequent fliers who have opted in through Alaska Airlines may only use the Pre✓™ lanes at airports where Alaska Airlines participates in the program.

However, if you have obtained a membership in Global Entry, NEXUS, SENTRI, or the TSA Pre✓™ Application program, and have entered your number in the Known Traveler number field when booking, you may use whichever Pre✓™ lanes exist throughout the United States. You may also enter your Known Traveler number into the Traveler Profile section of your My Account profile, and it will autofill into your reservation at time of booking.

Will my boarding pass show that I am a Pre✓™ participant?

Yes, the boarding pass will display a visible indicator. The status is still encoded into the barcode that TSA scans at the checkpoint. TSA will know by looking at the boarding pass and scanning the barcode that participants are eligible to use the Pre✓™ lane.

As an eligible participant of Pre✓™ through another carrier, can I use Alaska Airlines' Pre✓™ lane?

A customer who opted in through another carrier may only use those Pre✓™ lanes that their carrier activated. They are not eligible to use Alaska's Pre✓™ lane until the carrier activates at Alaska's Pre✓™ stations.

As a Pre✓™ eligible participant, will I always receive expedited screening?

No, you will not. The TSA built a random component into the Pre✓™ pilot program. You may, at times, be required to use the regular checkpoint lane.

What are the benefits of participating in Pre✓™?

Eligible customers who use the Pre✓™ lanes may receive expedited screening, which could include no longer removing the following items:

  • Shoes, belt, or jacket
  • Laptops for separate screening
  • 3-1-1 compliant bags from carry-on-baggage

Which carriers have activated Pre✓™?

Please visit TSA's Web site at for information on which carriers have active Pre✓™ lanes.

Which airports have active Pre✓™ lanes?

Please visit TSA's Web site at for information on which airports have active Pre✓™ lanes.

If I am traveling internationally does Pre✓™ apply?

Yes, Pre✓™ is available for customers traveling domestically within the United States and internationally from the United States on participating airlines. TSA also allows eligible Pre✓™ participants to qualify for expedited screening benefits when connecting to a domestic flight after arriving in the United States on an international flight.

Is every traveler eligible to participate in Pre✓™

Only U.S. citizens are eligible to apply in advance for Pre✓™ eligibility. The TSA, however, may designate foreign travelers Pre✓™ eligible for a particular flight, providing they have correct documentation.

I did not opt in to Pre✓™ or become a member of a Trusted Traveler program. Why am I receiving Pre✓™ status?

TSA's Secure Flight system now issues Pre✓™ to passengers after they have been vetted through Secure Flight regardless if they have a Trusted Traveler or Known Traveler account. Pre✓™ applies to that particular flight only and does not guarantee Pre✓™ for future flights.

Can I get expedited screening at airports that do not have dedicated Pre✓™ lanes?

Yes, customers enrolled in Pre✓™, or customers who have been selected as Pre✓™ through the Secure Flight selection program can receive expedited screening at non- Pre✓™ airports if they are identified by the TSA officers at the ticket document checker. These customers do not have to remove their shoes or jackets, but must remove liquids, aerosols and gels and laptops from their carry-ons.

Will Pre✓™ expand to more airports nationwide?

Yes, TSA started Pre✓™ with 40 airports and has expanded to 100 airports so far - with plans to add more. TSA will also be expanding the number of Pre✓™ checkpoints and lanes.

How can I learn more about Pre✓™?

You can learn more about Pre✓™ by visiting