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Inflight entertainment

We offer two options for inflight entertainment: our streaming entertainment system - Alaska Beyond™ Entertainment allows you to watch free movies & TV shows on your own device – and, on our longer flights, our premium inflight entertainment tablets are available for rent and loaded with movies, TV shows and more.

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Whether you need a good laugh, find yourself in the mood for adventure, or are looking a serious scare, explore our range of free movies below for the perfect title to make time fly during your flight.

Download the Gogo® Entertainment App now, and start watching free movies more quickly when you fly.

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Alaska Beyond Entertainment streams movies and TV shows to your smartphone, tablet or laptop from a large library of videos stored on the airplane. We offer over 200 titles including around 40 movies and fresh episodes of your favorite HGTV, Food Network and Travel Channel shows each month. It's available after take-off on most of our flights - including every cross country and Hawai'i flight.

* Free movies not available on all routes or flights; offer does not apply to inflight tablet rentals.

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Here's how it works

When your flight reaches 10,000 feet:

  1. Connect to the gogoinflight network and launch your web browser (no Internet purchase is required)
  2. Select "Entertainment" from the menu - depending on your device, you may need to scroll down to find the Entertainment section.
  3. Pick a movie or show and start watching.

First time users:

  1. When you select a movie or TV show, you will be prompted to download the free Gogo® Entertainment App
  2. After your download completes, return to your browser and enjoy.

Apple users: The player is also available inflight, except on flights to/from Hawaii – you must download the player before your flight to enjoy entertainment over the ocean.
Android users: The player is also available inflight.
Laptops: A simple browser plugin is available inflight.

Sub Pop sound

An exchange on Twitter inspired our partnership with Sub Pop Records. Now you can listen to music from some of their best bands inflight.

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Free shows from our partner networks

Food Network
Travel Channel
Sup Pop