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Inflight Wi-Fi Frequently Asked Questions

Will my flight have Wi-Fi?

You'll know an aircraft has Wi-Fi onboard when you see a special mark near the boarding door on the side of the airplane.

How soon can I start using it? Can I use it while I'm on the ground waiting to take off or do I have to wait until I'm in the air?

You can only use the system above 10,000 feet.

How much will the service cost?

Current Gogo® prices range from $1.95 to $39.95. Per-flight passes are available for purchase onboard your Wi-Fi equipped Alaska Airlines flight. Day and monthly passes are available for purchase onboard or before your flight at

Can I sign up for the service in advance of my flight?

Yes. You can go to to create an account and sign up for the service before your flight. You can also register before departure at the boarding gate.

What type of equipment do I need to use Inflight Wi-Fi?

You need a battery-powered device that can connect to a network using 802.11b/g (broadband) protocol, commonly known as Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi enabled devices may include, laptop computers, Blackberry, Palm, and iPhone devices, etc. If your device is able to connect to wireless service at your local coffee shop or at a hotel, you should be able to connect on our aircraft. If you don't know whether or not your device can use Wi-Fi, contact your device manufacturer for details.
Please Note: Alaska Airlines policy prohibits wireless mouse usage at any time while in flight.

How do I get connected? Will the flight attendant be able to help me connect?

Since each device is different, we can't provide detailed connection instructions either in this FAQ or onboard the aircraft, so please read the documentation that came with your device prior to flight. We will have brief descriptions regarding how to log on inside the Alaska Airlines Inflight Magazine and in a seatback Wi-Fi card. In most cases, just select the "gogoinflight" signal and open a browser on your device to get started.

Will I need my own power supply?

We'll have 110v for laptops and USB power for smartphones and tablets available at every seat on all of our long-haul aircraft by the end of 2014.

What's the connection speed?

Speeds are similar to the mobile broadband experience on the ground.

Is the Wi-Fi connection secure or encrypted? Which wireless protocol is used?

Like all other Internet service providers, the security of your connection is dependent on the websites you choose to visit. The connection itself is not encrypted so you don't have to enter a security key to use it.

Is there a time limit or bandwidth limit? Can I stream video or audio over this connection? Can I download things while using this service?

The only time limit on a flight is the 10,000 foot indicator-below that point the Wi-Fi system will not be available. Bandwidth limitations depend on the number of users simultaneously connected and how much bandwidth they are using. Generally speaking, streaming video from Internet sites is not supported.

Do you allow VPN connections? Do you block any ports that I may use (SMTP, telnet, RDP, Peer-to-Peer)?

We only block VoIP (voice communications); all other ports remain open.

Will I be able to use my cell phone or Skype for talking?

Although you can use your cell phone for surfing the Internet, sending email, etc. (assuming it has Wi-Fi capability) we don't allow passengers to use the system for voice communication either through a cell phone or Skype-like service

Can I conduct/participate in a videoconference while in flight?

Although you may be able to videoconference, we do not allow voice communications so participation will be limited.

Will content be blocked?

Content is not blocked; each passenger is responsible for their own surfing behavior just as he or she is responsible for their magazines, movies and other materials brought on board.