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Fur-st Class™ Care

Alaska Airlines provides Fur-st Class™ care for our four-legged friends - because we understand that he's not just a pet, he's your little buddy. Our pet travel program offers options for transporting your pet safely while providing top-notch care for your precious animal.

Planning to Travel With Your Pet?

PetStreak Shipping GuidelinesAlaska Airlines can accommodate small pets in the cabin and larger pets in the baggage hold. If your pet is too large to travel in-cabin, you'll receive a "Relax, I'm on board too" card to assure you that your beloved pet has been loaded onto the aircraft, and will be waiting for you at baggage claim upon arrival.

Please review our Traveling with Pets Policy, along with the tips we've listed below, to help ensure a smooth journey for the both of you.

Transporting Your Pet Separately?

Alaska Airlines understands that sometimes your pet needs to make a journey without you. But don't worry, our PetStreak™ Animal Express experts are trained to take Fur-st Class™ care of your animals when you can't travel together. From the moment you book a pet reservation to the time he's picked up, our employees are dedicated to providing a safe and compassionate journey from start to finish.

Learn more about PetStreak™ Animal Express.

Prepare Your Pet for Takeoff With The Following Tips and Information

Keeping your pet safe during their flight is Alaska Airlines' top priority:
Check Alaska Airlines Pet Travel Policies well in advance of your pet's trip to find out about health certificate and kennel requirements, breed-restrictions, and any limitations on travel to your destination.

Alaska Airlines no longer accepts Brachycephalic or "short-nosed" animals in the cargo compartment. Please visit the Traveling with Pets Policy to learn more.

Book ahead as space is limited:
Alaska Airlines limits the number of pets on each flight so book your pet's reservation as early as possible. Reservations can be made by calling 1-800-ALASKAAIR (1-800-252-7522) for pets traveling with you or 1-800-2ALASKA (1-800-225-2752) for pets traveling as cargo.

Effective December 4, 2014: All pets traveling in the cargo compartment on Alaska Airlines, (including flights operated by Horizon, SkyWest and PenAir) will be required to have a health certificate dated within 10 days of outbound travel and 30 days of return travel.

Know the health and vaccination requirements for your destination:
Health and vaccination requirements vary by city, state and country. It is recommended to contact the State Veterinarian at your destination "This indicates a link to an external site that may not meet accessibility guidelines." prior to travel to determine necessary documentation (such as health and cold weather acclimation certificates) and vaccination requirements.

Alaska Airlines is not responsible for any costs or penalties incurred should customers not have the required entry documentation.

Banfield Pet HospitalsAlaska Airlines customers can get a free pet health examination and discounted health certificate at Banfield® Pet Hospitals located in PetSmart retail stores.

Provide your pet with food and water:
Check Alaska Airlines' policy regarding feeding and watering requirements prior to travel.

Make sure your pet has the right carrier or kennel:
We have recently changed our kennel requirements for both pets traveling with you, and PetStreak™ Animal Express. Please review our pet travel policies to ensure your kennel will be accepted.

Introduce the pet's travel crate before the day of travel:
It is important to acclimate your pet to their crate prior to the day of departure. You can begin feeding your pet inside the crate as well as provide treats/toys for them so they associate the crate as being a safe and positive place.

Because "accidents" can happen:
Line the bottom of the crate with some type of bedding, puddle pads or towels work well to absorb accidents. For pets traveling in the cabin, bring an extra set of bedding and a plastic bag to seal soiled bedding. This makes the flight much more pleasant for everyone.

Provide your contact information should we need to reach you:
Write the name, address and telephone number of the destination point of your pet, whether you are traveling, or someone else is picking your pet up. Secure this information to the top of the carrier prior to departure

Make sure your pet has proper ID:
Make sure your pet (whether traveling with you or separately) has a properly fitting harness or collar with current identification and appropriate contact information, especially a current phone number. It is also a good idea to have a current photograph of your pet with you.

Other suggestions to make your pet's travel more pleasant:
Make sure that your pet's nails are properly trimmed in order to reduce their ability to hook their nails in their kennel's openings. Putting a familiar blanket and chew toy in their kennel is also a great idea.

Pet Travel Q & A from a veterinarian's perspective: Our partners at Banfield Pet Hospital have provided some veterinarian insight for your frequently asked pet travel questions.