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Animal Relief Areas at Airports

The following is a list of designated areas for animal relief at our airports.

RegionCityLocationInside Secure Area?SurfaceAirport Link
Alaska Adak Outside of terminal, to the left (against barrier fence between AS Air Cargo and Island Air). No Grass and gravel
Alaska Anchorage North and south of South Terminal (two locations) No Grass
Alaska Barrow To the right of the terminal between Alaska terminal and DOT. No Gravel
Alaska Bethel North of terminal entrance between Alaska gate approach and DOT's drive. No Grass/dirt
Alaska Cordova East side of terminal. No Grass
Alaska Dillingham Outside terminal entrance (straight ahead). No Grass
Alaska Dutch Harbor West of terminal entrance. No Grass
Alaska Fairbanks Outside terminal (across the roadway in the "rock garden" area). No Grass
Alaska Gustavus Outside terminal (along the parking area) No Sand
Alaska Juneau North side of the main terminal No Grass
Alaska Ketchikan Northeast of terminal (near the float plane entrance) No Grass
Alaska King Salmon Across the street from the terminal entrance No Grass
Alaska Kodiak Between Alaska gates and Island Air gates No Gravel
Alaska Kotzebue Outside terminal, between Bering Air and Frontier Air, outside SIDA area. No Gravel
Alaska Nome Across from the short term parking lot No Gravel
Alaska Petersburg In front of terminal building No Dirt and grass
Alaska Prudhoe Bay Inside short term parking No Gravel or ice
Alaska Sitka Outside terminal entrance (to the left upon entry). No Grass
Alaska Wrangell Outside of terminal No Grass
Alaska Yakutat Outside of terminal (next to the loading/unloading passenger area ) No grass and gravel
Arizona Phoenix Terminal 2 - Just east of terminal. No Grass Airport Link
Arizona Tucson East of terminal- baggage claim level No Dirt and vegetation
California Burbank Outside terminal between Alaska baggage claim and Alaska ticket counter. No Cement with dirt/grass Airport Link
California Fresno South of concourse at Gate 6 in alcove. Yes Grass
California Long Beach North of baggage claim area No Grass
California Los Angeles Downstairs between Terminal 3 and Tom Bradley International Terminal No Grass
California Mammoth Lakes Outside terminal to the right. No Grass/Dirt
California Oakland Terminal One - Between terminal and the Executive/Manager Parking Lot and adjacent to Terminal One on Airport Dr. Terminal Two - Between Terminals One and Two (two locations).Terminal Two Media Parking Lot - adjacent to the Airport Media parking Lot Airport Dr. No Grass
California Ontario Outside Terminal 2. No Grass
California Palm Springs Past security on the way to Alaska gates No Grass
California Sacramento Terminal A - Outside of terminal. Terminal B1 - Outside of terminal. No Bark
California San Diego Between Terminal 1 and 2. No Airport Link
California San Francisco Terminal 1 - Courtyard 1, Arrivals/Baggage Claim Level. Terminal 3 - Courtyard 4, Arrivals/Baggage Claim Level No Landscaped Airport Link
California San Jose Terminal A - North of the ticket lobby. Terminal B - North of the ticket lobby. No Grass
California San Luis Obispo No information available at this time. No - Airport Link
California Santa Ana/Orange County Outside Terminal A, lower level No Synthetic grass over gravel
California Santa Barbara Inside short-term parking. No Grass Airport Link
California Santa Rosa Outside terminal (across the street to the right). No Grass
Canada Calgary Outside terminal (departure area). No Grass
Canada Edmonton Outside terminal (departure area). No Grass
Canada Kelowna North of terminal No Gravel Airport Link
Canada Vancouver North of parking lot for International Terminal Building departures level (Grant McConachie Way). Chester Johnson Park outside of int'l arrivals. Outside Domestic Terminal Building (beside utilities building and around Cargo Village on Miller Road). No Grass/Mulch
Canada Victoria Outside terminal to the left (by free standing cargo signage). No Grass Airport Link
Colorado Denver Outside Jeppesen Terminal on Level 2 West, not far from Door 200. No Dirt
Florida Fort Lauderdale Outside each baggage claim - lower level. Look for directional signage inside the terminal, above the exit doorways. No NA Airport Link
Florida Orlando East and West of terminal on the second level (two locations). No Grass
Florida Tampa Across the vehicle drives from ticketing and baggage claim No Grass Airport Link
Georgia Atlanta North Terminal - Lower level outside door LN2 to the right of the building. (Poochie Park) South Terminal - In the Ground Transportation area outside of doors W1 and W2. (grassy knoll) No Grass Airport Link
Hawaii Honolulu Between International and Overseas Public Parking structures No Grass Airport Link
Hawaii Kona In the center of the airport, located across the street from the baggage screening. No Grass
Hawaii Lihue South side of baggage claim A No Grass
Hawaii Maui Outside Security Check Point 2. No Grass
Idaho Boise West end of terminal on arrivals level, outside baggage claim west doors, on the way to the rental car lot. No Grass Airport Link
Idaho Lewiston North of terminal. No Grass
Idaho Sun Valley Between upper and lower parking lots No Grass & vegetation
Illinois Chicago Outside Terminal 3, next to C parking lot (across from the arrivals drive there is a tunnel walkway underground to get to this are without having to cross the street). No Grass
Louisiana New Orleans Armstrong International offers a service animal relief area adjacent to the short term parking garage. Exit through baggage claim near the rental car counters. No Grass Airport Link
Maryland Baltimore Located at the end of Concourse E on the lower level outside door #19, near the International Terminal and adjacent to the light rail station. The second Pet Relief Area is located in front of the Hourly Garage. It can be accessed 2 ways: From Concourse C, take the center elevator down to the Tunnel level (marked "T"). Follow the tunnel to the Hourly Garage. Take the Tower C elevator up to Level 3 (marked "3"). Follow the white lined path to the right and look for a concrete wall opening and red awning overhead on the right-hand side. The paver pathway leads to the pet relief area. No Grass
Massachusetts Boston Terminal A - just before the Silverline stop. Terminal B (two locations) - after the US Shuttle entry, just prior to the start of the u-turn and just past the Silverline stop. Terminal C - in nook between the United baggage area entry and door entry to JetBlue baggage belt 3.Terminal E - across from taxi pool stand prior to covered walkway leading to hallway to Terminal C. No Half concrete and half mulch Airport Link
Mexico Cancun To be determined - -
Mexico Guadalajara North of Terminal 1 (200 meters towards Terminal 2). No Grass
Mexico Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo Outside terminal to the right (In front of the arrival area). No Grass
Mexico Loreto Outside terminal. No Gravel
Mexico Manzanillo In front of the boarding gates and to the right of the terminal (two locations). No Grass
Mexico Mazatlan Outside terminal. No Grass
Mexico Mexico City Has no designated area at this time.
Mexico Puerto Vallarta Outside terminal (left hand side). No Grass
Mexico San Jose Cabo Outside of Terminal 3 (to the left upon exit) No Gravel
Michigan Detroit North Terminal: the north and south ends of the Departures Level curb.
McNamara Terminal: outside International Arrivals area.
No NA Airport Link
Minnesota Minneapolis Outside of door #1 on baggage level No Grass Airport Link
Missouri Kansas City At each end of each terminal in grassy areas adjacent to pedestrian ramps. No Grass Airport Link
Missouri St. Louis Terminal 1- upper level, west end, outside exit 6. Terminal 2 - outside exit 15. No Synthetic turf/Grass Airport Link
Montana Billings East of terminal entrance or outside baggage claim (two locations). No Grass
Montana Bozeman Outside of baggage claim. No Grass
Montana Great Falls Outside terminal on east end (next to Horizon ticket counter) No Grass
Montana Helena Left of North Terminal door No Grass
Montana Kalispell Outside Door 2 (across road). No Grass
Montana Missoula East end of terminal (by the car rentals). No Grass
Nevada Las Vegas Outside terminal on departure level (across roadway). No Grass
Nevada Reno North of terminal just outside baggage claim No Grass Airport Link
New Jersey Newark Terminal A - parking level, (across from short term parking).Terminals B and C - courtyard No Grass Airport Link
Oklahoma Oklahoma City Located just steps from the exit door located at Baggage Claim 1. The area is easily identifiable by the white picket fence. The gate opens to a grassy area where pets can be unleashed. Disposable bags and a trash can are available so owners can clean up after their pets. No Grass Airport Link
Oregon Eugene Outside terminal north door. No Grass
Oregon Medford Northwest of terminal doors (across the street). No Grass
Oregon Portland North of terminal on the lower level (by United/Delta Bag Claim). No Bark dust (well lit area) Airport Link
Oregon Redmond East of terminal entrance. No Grass with gravel
Pennsylvania Philadelphia On the Departing Flights Road: After Terminal E
On the Arrivals side: Adjacent to Terminal E bag claim
No Mulch Airport Link
Texas Austin East of terminal, lower level (past column numbered 6). No Grass Airport Link
Texas Dallas Terminal D - Designated area located on the lower level, outside security at gates D15 and D29 Terminals A, B, C and E - Designated grassy areas located on the lower level outside security No Grass Airport Link
Texas Houston Outside Baggage in Terminal A (follow signs) No Grass
Texas San Antonio On Level 0 of the Hourly Parking Garage next to the elevator at the Terminal entrance. No NA Airport Link
Utah Salt Lake City Between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, in front of the parking structure in the grassy area. No Grass Airport Link
Washington Bellingham Southwest end of terminal, directly outside of the baggage claim. No Grass
Washington Pasco North of terminal just outside baggage claim No Grass
Washington Pullman Adjacent to the car rental area No Grass
Washington Seattle Outside - north and south of Baggage Claim (two locations - the north area is outside of door #26. The south area is outside door #00) No Sand and grass Airport Link
Washington Seattle Inside - Within the secure area, at the entrance to Concourse B (directly across from Borders Books). Yes Concrete floor with drain
Washington Spokane Outside bag claim C No Grass
Washington Walla Walla North of the staff parking lot No Grass
Washington Wenatchee North or south of terminal (two locations). No Grass
Washington Yakima Outside terminal (to left by airfield fence). No Gravel
Wisconsin Milwaukee Located outside the lower level at both ends of the terminal. No Grass Airport Link
Washington DC Washington Reagan Terminal A - at two (2) locations near the main traffic Circle Terminal B - across from the entrance to the Metrorail Station Terminal C - across from the entrance to the Metrorail station No Cement/grass
Washington DC Washington Dulles Dulles provides five pet relief areas, two inside the midfield concourses for the convenience of ticketed connecting passengers and three outside the main terminal. The indoor locations also feature unique ventilation and flushing/drainage systems to maintain clean facilities. All locations are signed and include supplies for disposal of pet waste. Locations inside the concourses: Adjacent to Gate A32, next to the Virgin Atlantic Club; Across from Gate D1. Locations outside the Main Terminal: Look for Pet Relief Areas on opposite ends of the Main Terminal. Exit the terminal doors near the United Airlines Ticket Counter and turn right, or exit the terminal doors near the Delta Air Lines Ticket Counter and turn left. There is also a relief area outside, adjacent to baggage claim number 1. Airport Link