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The Lowest Fares to Hawai'i are on Alaska*

Visit the historic landmarks of Hawaii and learn about the rich culture of the islands. Watch whales and walk volcano rims. Explore off-the-beaten-path destinations, from hidden beaches to small island towns. Soak up the sun while you learn to surf, snorkel, or kayak. When evening falls you can enjoy world-class dining and nightlife.

The diverse culture of Hawaii is expressed in so many ways - language, music, dance, cuisine, and a multitude of festivals. Get a taste of this rich culture and watch the art of the hula at an authentic luau. Warmth, open-hearted generosity, and passion tempered by gentle humor are the primary elements of aloha that distinguish - and unify - Hawaii's culture.

Each island has its unique draw. Oahu offers big city excitement, historical significance, and superb shopping. Maui is a golfer's and sunbather's paradise. Kauai cascades with refreshing waterfalls and lush forests, a place of exploration for those who love the outdoors. Hawaii, the Big Island, is an enchanting land of rain forests, grassy plains, snow-topped mountains, active volcanoes, and beaches of many colors.

Discover Hawaii. Book your Alaska Airlines Vacations getaway today. The Spirit of Aloha beckons you.

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