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Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Things To Do In Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo

It's no secret that this area of Mexico is ripe with historical significance. From conquistadors to ancient civilizations, a great many people have laid claim to the area. The Museo de Arqueologia de la Costa Grande, or the Archeological Museum of the Large Coast, has an enviable collection of artifacts from Mexico's indigenous residents, including the Olmec, Teotihuacan, Tarascan, and Aztec civilizations, among others.

Paseo del Pescador 7
Zihuatanejo GR Mexico
Phone: 527555531570

La Playa Municipal, or Municipal Beach, is a tourist hot spot. Near most of the city's hotels, it provides sandy beaches, warm water, and, above all, easy access. Pack a picnic, dig your toes into the sand and watch the edges of the Pacific Ocean lick at the beach. This exceptionally long beach skirts the cityfront of Zihuatanejo, connecting a number of touristy shops and gathering places.

Downtown Zihuatanejo
Zihuatanejo GR Mexico
Phone: 525552784200

Fast, fun and extremely stable, Picante is built to accommodate passengers in spacious comfort while gliding across the waters of the blue Pacific in seeming effortless motion. Share in the excitement of sighting the California grey whale (in the winter season), teeming dolphins, huge manta rays or the endangered loggerhead turtles. All this is possible and probable and when sighted, wondrous. Whether lying under the sun in the forward tramps, or sitting in the shade of our cockpit/bar enjoying the magnificent panorama of the Pacific Ocean at sunset and breathtaking mountainous coastline, your dreams of the perfect vacation getaway will be fulfilled.

Yates del Sol
Zihuatanejo GR Mexico
Phone: 755-554-2694

In this program, you'll get the chance to interact with dolphins like you've never imagined. Their beloved stars, the dolphins, will give you the chance to touch them and caress them while swimming around you. These amazing marine mammals enjoy being with people so much they will allow you to give them a heart warming hug and they will pay you back with a tender kiss that will remain in your memory forever.

Lote Anexo 6B Zona Hotelera # 1
Zihuatanejo GR Mexico
Phone: 755-553-2736

Monstrous, hard-fighting fish swim just off the coast of Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo. Charter boats are found en masse at harbors near the hotel districts, and will provide everything you'll need to reel in a trophy-sized fish. Of course, it is called "fishing," not "catching," so even if you don't reel in a keeper, the azure waters and serene coastal views are still worth the effort.

Phone: 5217555564787

Carlo Scuba is a 3rd-generation diving facility established in Zihuatanejo Bay in 1962. Located on beautiful Las Gatas Beach, Carlo Scuba offers excellent and safe diving in Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo. Let their certified PADI Instructors and Divemasters make your dive a most enjoyable, pleasant and comfortable experience on our fully equipped boat customized for diving.

Playa Las Gatas
Ixtapa GR Mexico
Phone: 755-554-6003

Ixtapa Island (Isla Ixtapa or Isla Grande) is one of the Ixtapa Zihuatanejo area's most popular attractions. The islands beaches are well known for water sports such as snorkeling, parasailing, jet ski, wave runner and banana boat rides, as well as the excellent seafood restaurants that dot the golden sands. Ixtapa Island is home to exotic fish and tropical birds with a few tame deer. Isla Ixtapa is accessible by small boats (pangas) that ferry passengers between it and the pier at Playa Quieta in Ixtapa. Boats are also available from the Zihuatanejo Municipal pier.

Isla Ixtapa
Ixtapa GR Mexico
Phone: 755-554-2056

Food & Drink In Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo

Touted as having "The best food in town," by Bon Appétit magazine, Kau-Kan serves both lunch and dinner. Chef and owner Ricardo Rodriguez and his staff guarantee impeccable service and an exquisite dining experience!

Camino a Playa La Ropa
Zihuatanejo GR Mexico
Phone: 527555548446

This Mexican-American open-air diner is a favorite breakfast and lunch spot with sidewalk seating. Nueva Zelanda serves rich cappuccinos sprinkled with cinnamon, fresh fruit licuados (milkshakes) and pancakes served with real maple syrup. The longtime favorites are the tortas and enchiladas.

Cuahuhtemoc 30
Zihuatanejo GR Mexico
Phone: 527555530838

Paty's is a romantic restaurant at La Ropa Beach where you can enjoy the most delicious cuisine. At Paty's you can choose between digging your feet in the sand while you enjoy the most delicious seafood in town, or sitting at the bar and enjoying the beach breeze with a nice chilled brew.

Playa La Ropa
Zihuatanejo GR Mexico
Phone: 527555542213

Restaurant Coconuts opened its doors for the first time in 1979 after successfully restoring Zihuatanejo's oldest building. Much of the timber in the bar area is original and the site has seen some amazing transformations throughout its 150 year life time.

Pasaje Agustin Ramirez 1
Zihuatanejo GR Mexico
Phone: 755-554-2518

Casa Morelos features fresh fish and seafood dishes of the highest quality from "La Costa Grande." Casa Morelos represents a new style of dining specializing in fine Mexican seafood.

Centro Comercial La Puerta
Ixtapa GR Mexico
Phone: 527555530578

The best Italian restaurant in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, right on the spectacular Marina Ixtapa, with seafood specialties, a trendy American bar and a very pleasant teak wood deck, creating a unique Mediterranean atmosphere. Personally supervised by Angelo "Rolly" Pavia, who came from San Remo, Italy and has more than 30 years of experience in restaurants in Europe and Mexico. Their ancestors' recipes, brought over from the Italian Riviera, the fragrant taste of sage and rosemary and exquisite oils, combined with fresh fish and shellfish from the Mexican coast, allow the staff to bring the most delicious meals to their table, in a warm and cozy environment. Beccofino also has a cellar which holds wide variety of wines and liqueurs from Mexico, Italy, France, Spain and Chile.

Marina Ixtapa
Ixtapa GR Mexico
Phone: 523145531770

Enjoy authentic Mexican dishes like chiles rellenos, enchiladas, chicken mole, steak tampiqueña or fresh fish Veracruzana. Deborah's secret recipes for mango shrimp, poblano chicken and lobster al ajillo are real palate pleasers. Too daring? Then opt for chicken, beef or shrimp fajitas. Their Aztec version is served with homemade corn tortillas! Their tasty grilled burgers with fries will make you feel right at home. Don't leave without trying Chili Beans' signature dish: an "irresist-a-bowl" homemade ground beef chili. Don't want it in a bowl with garlic toast? Ask for it on a hot dog or in the very popular Maxinachos.

Ixtapa Plaza #5
Ixtapa GR Mexico
Phone: 755-553-3313

Nightlife In Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo

Restaurant "La Perla" has become one of the favorites spots for breakfast and brunches served local way, also casual lunches and on the evenings we serve romantic dinners during the sunsets with your feet in the sand or at our terraces overlooking La Ropa beach and Zihuatanejo Bay. Located in the most famous beach in Ixtapa - Zihuatanejo "La Ropa beach" and founded by Don Francisco Ibarra Valdovinos + and Doña Raquel Rivera Bustos offers its world famous traditional local cuisine based on red snapper whole fish grilled on both sides and served with garlic and fresh tortillas, spiny Pacific lobsters, mahi-mahi, octopus, squid, jumbo and medium size shrimp, crayfish, fresh clams and oysters, conch, scallops. Also we serve poultry and beef, Mexican cuisine dishes like chiles rellenos, enchiladas, tacos, sopes and quesadillas.

Playa la Ropa
Zihuatanejo GR Mexico
Phone: 527555542700

Zihablue is the best nightclub in Zihuatanejo, and offers a fabulous combination of music, dance, and Mediterranean flare.

Carretera Escenica La Ropa
Ixtapa GR Mexico
Phone: 755-554-4844