Customer service commitment

We will offer you choices during a delay.

You can rest assured that we don't take risks when it comes to your safety. This may occasionally cause a flight to be delayed or canceled, or cause a diversion. When this occurs, we are prepared to do all possible to make the best of a difficult situation. We highly recommend you include traveler contact information (cell phone, email) in your reservation record, so we can advise you of departure/arrival time changes whenever possible. Signing up for Flight Alerts on our website is also recommended.

Whether in the air or on the ground, we are committed to providing the most current and accurate information about flight delays or cancellations. Behind the scenes, our Flight Operations departments are dedicated to coordinating all decisions to minimize delays and get you to your destination as soon as possible

Delay times are sometimes difficult to foresee. Factors such as air traffic, weather, locating parts, alternative aircraft or crew, can all contribute to a changing departure time; either earlier or later than first anticipated. We will make frequent announcements that include when the next update will be. An agent will be available to address your specific needs, either at the gate, ticket counter, or in some locations, at the customer service center.

Checking back with the gate agent, or consulting the Flight Information Display Monitors frequently, will keep you up to date, and assure you don't miss the departure of your flight. On occasion, once a delay is identified, a flight will continue to show the original departure time until solutions are identified, and a new departure time can be estimated. This reduces the chance of posting an inaccurate departure time.

When you book a trip, we suggest purchasing all travel on the same ticket, especially if multiple airlines are involved. This gives us the ability to rebook you on the next available flight if your scheduled Alaska Airlines flight is delayed or canceled.

If your flight is delayed or canceled and you are holding separate tickets for another airline, we will be happy to contact that carrier on your behalf for your onward travel arrangements. However, in the case of a separate ticket, any change in routing or cost is controlled by the next carrier.

If you decide not to travel due to a flight delay or cancellation, you may reschedule your flight for an alternate day or refund your ticket. Service fees associated with your fare will be waived.