EasyBiz® User's Guide

Invite/Delete Users

The EasyBiz Administration and Company Mileage Plan sections, may only be accessed by the assigned Administrators.

The Manage User portion of EasyBiz allows the administrators a quick overview of member details from a central management screen.

From the Manage User area of EasyBiz,, the administrator can manage your company membership including invites, updates and deletions. The Assign Credit Cards link shows what credit cards are currently assigned to a particular user and who has been granted permissions to view a personalized ticket report.

EasyBiz Administrators invite, approve and delete users.

  • Invite
    Send new users an invitation to become an EasyBiz User.
  • Approve
    Once the new user has accepted the invitation, approve their access to EasyBiz.
  • Delete
    Remove a user's access to EasyBiz while leaving their My Account profile intact on the Alaska Airlines public Web site.