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Children Traveling Alone

Children Traveling Alone

We welcome child travelers and will gladly escort them to their final destination. Our Unaccompanied Minor Service is available to kids ages 5 through 17 years old, on both our domestic and international flights.

To book a child traveling alone at, select "0 Adults" and the total number of children traveling in the "Children" field.

To ensure your child is not denied boarding, please allow an additional 30 minutes to check in all children traveling alone. All Unaccompanied Minor procedures (e.g. paperwork completed, fees paid, gate passes issued) must be completed in advance of our standard baggage and check-in cut-off times.

Please note: Other airline policies, fees, and age limits may differ from Alaska Airlines. Some airlines may not allow children traveling alone to be booked in the same reservation with Alaska Airlines flights. If a child's itinerary includes non-Alaska Airlines flights, please check with that airline directly regarding their policies, fees, and age limits.

Alternate transfer/escort arrangements may be available through Travelers Aid. Please contact directly for more information about the airports they serve.


Unaccompanied Minors are not accepted to or from the following cities:

  • Sun Valley, Idaho
    - annually between December 1 and April 1.

Forms & Checklists

View and print to ensure the smoothest process for your child traveler:

Rules and Fees

Fees for children traveling alone can be paid during Web Check-In, at a Check-In Kiosk, or at any Alaska Airlines airport ticket counter.


Ages Unaccompanied
Minor Service
Fees Flight
Gate Escort &
Guardian Contacts
5-7 Required $25 USD/CAD each way per child non-stop/direct flights No departures
9pm and 5am.
No connections.
8-12 Required $25 USD/CAD each way per child for non-stop/direct flights;
$50 USD/CAD each way per child for connecting flights
No departures
9pm and 5am.
13-17 Optional $25 USD/CAD each way per child for non-stop/direct flights;
$50 USD/CAD each way per child for connecting flights if service is requested
No departures
9pm and 5am.
Required when using the Unaccompanied Minor Service

Note: Unaccompanied Minor Service fees are waived for children who have attained MVP®, MVP® Gold, or Gold 75K Mileage Plan™ status.

Age Requirements and Restrictions

  • Unaccompanied Minor Service is required for children, ages 5 through 12 years old at time of travel, traveling without an adult ages 18 years or older or the legal guardian of the Child Traveler(s) on Alaska Airlines.
  • Unaccompanied Minor Service is optional for young adults, ages 13 through 17 years old at time of travel, traveling without an adult on Alaska Airlines.
  • If a young adult, ages 13 through 17 years old, is making a connection to another airline where they are considered an Unaccompanied Minor, they must also travel on Alaska Airlines using our Unaccompanied Minor service. All applicable rules and fees for both airlines will apply, and an adult must meet them at their connection point to complete the transfer to the other airline.
  • Children traveling alone must be at least 5 years old at time of travel. For your child's safety, proof of age (e.g. birth certificate or passport) may be requested upon check-in at the airport.
  • The youngest Child Traveler's flight restrictions will apply to all of the other Child Travelers flying together, including those not requesting Unaccompanied Minor Service.


  • Additional Unaccompanied Minor Service fees apply. Fees are one way and can be paid in each direction during check-in on the Web, at any Alaska Airlines airport kiosk, or at the airport ticket counter.
  • The Guardian, and those accompanying them, must obtain an escort pass from the ticket counter in order to escort the Child Traveler(s) to or from the gate. Up to 2 adults and all children, under the age of 13 years old, accompanying the Child Traveler(s) are allowed through the security checkpoint. Please arrive at least 90 minutes early to obtain these escort passes. This pass may not be available in Canada or Mexico (due to customs and immigration requirements) or in stations where the security checkpoint has closed (e.g. evening arrivals). If this happens, an Alaska Airlines representative will escort the Child Traveler(s) from the gate and meet you outside the security checkpoint.
  • The Guardian must remain in the boarding area until the Child Traveler's flight has departed.
  • A valid photo I.D. is required of the Guardian picking up the Child Traveler(s) and the Guardian must be listed on the Guardian Contact form.
  • The Guardian Contact Form must be completed and submitted at check-in in one of the following ways:
    • Print/Update your online Guardian Contact Form using the Child Traveler's confirmation code or e-ticket number.
    • Print a blank Guardian Contact Form (PDF file is 100k).
    • Fill out a blank form at the airport.
  • Adding alternative guardians on the Guardian Contact form ensures that in case of an emergency, the Child Traveler has a guardian that can be reached.

Flight Restrictions

  • Children traveling alone cannot be booked on flights departing between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.
  • Children traveling alone will not be accepted on a flight if weather or other factors are likely to interrupt the routing operation of their destination or connecting point flights.
  • The Child Traveler(s) cannot be booked via on flights that connect to or from non-Alaska Airlines flights. Please call Alaska Airlines Reservations at 1-800-252-7522 (TTY: Dial 711 for Relay Services) .
  • The Child Traveler(s) cannot be booked on the last connecting flight of the day, unless there is no other option available.
  • Child Traveler(s), ages 5 through 7 years old, cannot be booked on flights involving transfers or connections.
  • Child Traveler(s), ages 8 through 12 years old, may be booked on flights involving transfers or connections to flights operated by Alaska Airlines, Horizon Air, SkyWest Flight Series 3440-3499, PenAir, or Ravn Alaska.
  • The Child Traveler(s) cannot be booked on flights that contain connections of over 2 hours waiting time. Connections greater than two hours are only allowed if the market does not provide connections less than two hours.
  • If a friend or family member will be meeting the Child Traveler(s) in a connecting city, you must call Alaska Airlines Reservations at 1-800-252-7522 (TTY: Dial 711 for Relay Services) , prior to travel.

International Travel

  • If minors are traveling internationally without both parents/lawful guardians, a notarized Letter of Consent may be required, as well as proof of relationship. Please check the requirements for the country visited at
  • Minors traveling internationally are required to have the same passport and visa documentation as adults. The Guardian must complete all international customs forms for the Child Traveler(s) at check-in.
  • To meet Mexican banking regulations, our Mexico stations do not accept cash in US dollars as payment for tickets and fees.
    Mexican Pesos or a credit/debit card continue to be accepted.

Travel to Hawaii

  • Parents/Guardians of children traveling alone to Hawaii will need to complete a Department of Agriculture Plant and Animals Declaration form at the time of check-in.

General Information

  • A unique identification piece for Children Traveling Alone will be provided upon check-in and must be worn by the Child Traveler(s) at all times while in our care.
  • The Child Traveler(s) will remain under supervision at all times.
  • While under supervision, we expect the Child Traveler(s) to follow directions given by our agents and flight attendants.
  • In case the Child Traveler(s) becomes ill, every attempt will be made to contact at least one of the Guardians.
  • In case the Child Traveler(s) becomes seriously ill, the appropriate medical personnel will be contacted.
  • Alaska Airlines will not control the Child Traveler(s) personal medication.
  • Phone calls to a Guardian will be allowed when on the ground and deemed appropriate by the supervising representative.
  • In the event of an unplanned interruption in travel, the Guardian will be required to give approval for rebooking.