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Mileage Plan™ Q & A

Membership Benefits Q & A

Where can I find my Mileage Plan™ number?
Your Mileage Plan™ number can be retrieved the following ways:

  • Log into your My Account
  • If you are the primary cardholder of an Alaska Airlines Credit Card, your number is located under your name.
  • Call Customer Care at 1-800-654-5669, Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:45 p.m.

Can I transfer miles from my Delta Skymiles or other Frequent Flyer program account?
Mileage transfers are not allowed between different airline Frequent Flyer programs. While we offer air travel awards for travel on our partner airlines, we each maintain separate, individual mileage earning programs.

Can I transfer miles from my own Mileage Plan account to another Mileage Plan account?
Our Transfer Miles program offers, for a fee, the ability to transfer miles between different Mileage Plan™ accounts.

My Mileage Plan™ account is expired. How did that happen?
If a Mileage Plan™ account remains inactive for 24 months, meaning no miles have been earned or spent, your account may be closed and the mileage balance deleted. Deleted balances can be reinstated for a $75 for up to 1 year from the deletion date.